Ready to Extend Your Equipment’s Life

Let us perform inspections using our thorough checklist for each individual unit. We can repair as much or as little work as you require. The result is always the same, an extended life and a more reliable product that works like new.

  • Welding & Fabricating
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Frame Repair & Straightening
  • Bed Liner Repair/Replacement
  • Electrical & Air System Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Repair
  • Tractor Wet Kit Systems & Installation
  • 5th Wheel Repair & New
  • Tarp Install & Repair
  • Side Wall Repair or Replacement
  • Top Rail Repair or Replacement
  • King Pin Replacement
  • Draft Arm Fabrication & Repair
  • Floor Removal & Repair (OEM Style)
  • Complete Wreck Repair
  • Walking Floor & Live Floor Repair/Installation
  • Suspension Repair (Alignment, Refurbishing, Brakes, Axle Repair)


Trailer needs repair? You need to get back on the road? Make sure your trailer is in the care of a company that is as trust worthy as they are capable of fulfilling your unique needs. We are dedicated to providing customer service above all else; making your life easier and helping your business continue to grow.

We provide complete trailer rebuilds to minor repairs and parts. Our experts will help you locate the problems and will also help you weigh the risks and reward of any tough decision you have to make when it comes to your trailer. There is no repair too large for NUMO. We have the knowledge and tools to work on all types of trailers, from small repairs to massive trailer remanufacturing.

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Our Welding shop was setup especially for dump trailers with equipment such as tie downs to hold cables used in frame and body straightening. We can remove twists and side bowing typical of wrecks. We encourage customers to bring their trailers in here, mainly because we can repair them in a manner that’s inconspicuous, which could affect resale value. If a company decides to sell a trailer and a buyer sees it’s been turned over that puts a stigma on it.

Typically, a rollover causes damage to the nose, sidewall sections, draft arms, hoist cylinder, top rail, and sometimes the frame axles and other running gear. Damaged sections are torched out and new ones put in just like the OEM intended or better.


I am a new customer who found your company on Google and was extremely pleased with the quality of service. I want to thank you for your prompt attention and compliment your friendly staff who answered my questions.

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